Low Ratings Caused by Millennials?

160503170551-nbc-olympics-780x439An article in the Rolling Stone from August 2016 said that NBC blamed millennials for low ratings of their coverage of the Olympics.

NBC covered the 2016 Summer Olympic games in Rio on their station this summer.

Despite the traditionally high volume for Olympic view, NBC saw a 17% drop in prime-time viewers and a 25% drop in millennial viewers according to the Rolling Stones Article.

While this is a big drop in viewers, is NBC merited in blaming millennials for overall bad ratings?

According to the article, millennials aren’t the problem. The Rolling Stones wrote that NBC made a $12 billion dollar deal to cover the Olympic games until 2032 and they might not how to market it well.

If NBC wants to keep its millennial viewers, then they need to change their strategy to reach them. The Rolling Stones noted that online traffic for the olympics on places such Twitter was high.

NBC lost ratings not just because of a decline in Millennial viewership, but it’s overall ability to reach the entire audience. It’s primetime coverage included events from hours earlier that already had the results posted online.

“[NBC] thinks that it would be fine to post something that happened earlier in the day on nighttime television, hardly taking into account that something that happened five hours earlier may have just as well taken place in the 1990s with the way news and information spreads,” said the article.

So where can NBC improve its coverage of the Olympics for Winter 2018?

Two words: Online presence.

“It wasn’t the Olympics or the quality of the competition (both were pretty stellar)”, said the Rolling Stones article, “and it wasn’t your younger cousin who keeps making jokes about somebody named Harambe; it’s squarely on NBC for making a multi-billion dollar investment and not quite figuring out what to do with it. ”

To read the Rolling Stones article click  here.


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