The Presidential Battle for Millennials


CNN Image

As the battle for the Presidency continues, both Trump and Hillary are in a loosing battle with the nations most coveted group of voters: the ever elusive Millennials.

A new poll showed that neither presidential candidate is receiving overwhelming support from Millennials because they show a general lack of interest in the election as a whole.

The poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News on October 10-13 showed that “only 54% of voters under age 35 rated themselves highly interested in the campaign, down from 60% in 2012 and well below the 72% of voters in the full electorate.”

Interest in the 2008 and 2012 elections from Millennials stemmed from President Obama’s public speaking skills he used in the two elections, according to the article. He relied heavily on young voters to win swing states in 2012.

The article quoted third-year student and Clinton supporter Daniel Folsom on the difference between Obama’s support in 2012 and Clinton’s support now.

“It’s the Obama factor. He’s inspiring and a great speaker,” Mr. Folsom said. “Not having a candidate like that is kind of jarring.”

Despite that general support from Millenials and the rest of voters for Trump is declining since his comments on women last week, the result is not an upward swing in Millennial support for Clinton.

Millenials are either turning their vote to third-party candidates, who lead in battle with 22% in the polls, or are choosing not to vote at all.

Without an exciting election, will the Millennial vote be captured by any candidate? We shall see as the battle wages on.


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