The Outcome of the Battle: Election Results 2016



When it came to Millennials electing “their” president this November, they made one dangerous assumption: that enough of their fellow Millennials would vote to tip the scales in their favor.

Exit poll data from the New York Times shows that while Hilary Clinton did capture more of the Millennials who voted, there simply weren’t enough Millennials voting compared to the rest of the electorate to help her win the presidency.

Clinton received 55% of the vote from voters ages 18-29, while Trump only had 37%. These results may be what’s fueling the outrage behind the “Not My President” protests popping up across the United States.

But maybe the protests are also a response to the fact that Trump is the first Republic voted into office since Millennials have been able to vote.

“Those youths leading protests against Donald Trump the past several days have never lost a presidential election before,” said Dan Schnur in an article in the Wall Street Journal. “They may have come to believe that they never would, which could explain not only the anger but also the shock that propelled them into the streets.”

An older Caucasian demographic is who elected Trump which is why he hasn’t received the support of Millennials in his victory. The exit poll data from the New York Times shows 53% of voters age 45 and older voted for Trump, and they won simply because they voted in bigger numbers.

“….Millennials vote in smaller numbers than any other U.S. generation today, and even the prospect of a president they considered both ideologically unacceptable and morally repugnant did not motivate them to the polls,” said Schnur.

He also says that some people argue that Millennials make up for a lack in traditional political involvement by the high levels at which they volunteer in the community. But is this enough for the largest potential group of American voters to shape the future of their country?

“If this election does serve as a generational wake-up call,” said Schnur, “then many millennials will still be making transformational change long after Donald Trump has left office.”


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