Wellness Keeps Millennials in the Workforce


Hiring and keeping Millennials in the workforce these days seem to have less to do with money, and more to do with helping them live a healthy and balance lifestyle.

In an article written by Alan Kohll on forbes.com, he said that companies will keep millennial age employees longer if they focus on creating a culture of wellness by providing and engaging them in wellness activities.

Kohll said that a study reported that 72 percent of millennials report they exercise at least one day a week and that 95 percent reported that they care deeply about their health.

In an article from USA Today reporting survey by Fidelity said, “25- to 35-year-olds said they’d be willing to give up an average of $7,600 in pay for a better situation at the office, such as more career development and a healthier work/life balance.”

Kohll said that companies could help millennials with work/life balance by offering programs that help them with stress management, financial health, and mental and emotional health.

When these programs are personalized which things like incentives and tracking, it helps to keep millennial employees engaged in their jobs and in the company. Other options for keeping employees in engaged include having on-site gyms, healthier break-room and cafeteria options, and organizing company wellness events such as a fun-run.

Kohll also said that Millennials want wellness to be convenient. He said that using an app to track wellness goals makes them more likely to engage in the wellness activities.

Having more wellness in your company improves return on investment with your employees because they take less sick days, making them a more productive workforce.

So when hiring a Millennial, remember, it’s not all about the money.


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